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Geçmiş olsun “May it be the past”

  “I can’t think of anything that excites a greater sense of childlike wonder than to be in a country where you are ignorant of almost everything.” – Bill Bryson 2015 was a hard year for me. It meant transition – a big change. They say calm before the storm. My calm was my trip to Turkey, my trip across the Indian ocean and the Mediterranean to this amalgamation of Asian and European cultures. As my plane descended onto Istanbul, I was nervous, excited a mixed bag of emotions. Just as I had expected from the beautiful images captured by my favourite chef Anthony Bourdain. From the glorious food to the majestic Sophia Hagia, hustle and bustle of Istiklal street. Each morning, I would wake up with a kingsize appetite with all the walking and playing tourist during the day. Our lovely hosts treated us each morning with the king size kahvaltı ( breakfast) spread, which consists of the luscious Kaymak which is creamy clotted cheese,  Sucuk a spicy meaty sausage.  Spoilt with an elaborate …

Susegad Country!

GO GOA GONE, there is a famous saying ” respond to every call that excites you!” The one place that excites me the most, is Goa. The beautiful beaches, white washed churches, heavy smell of dried fish and the bustling noise of the shacks and tourist. My visits back home are never complete until I visit Goa. It’s not only the sights , but the food as well. I am a total fishetarian, if given a choice I could have for fish for every meal. My favourite place to enjoy a meal in goa, is the quaint little bistro ‘The Martins Corner’. Originally a little shack situated in south Goa that whipped up Goan staples of ‘beef chilly fry’ and ‘churiz pao’. It has now grown to become a popular haute where celebrities and tourist flock to try the local delicacies. Food, beaches and loads of shopping that is what one will get when you visit Goa. A must on the list when visiting India.

Welcome 33rd year!

Welcome to the 33rd year of a new begining! “This is My Jesus year”.  I am officially the same age “33” as when Jesus died. Not really, My birthday is not until a few weeks, But I have been self analysing myself , as a woman, as a designer and as a human being. The image posted is when I was on vacation earlier this year, a solo trip – sans my husband. This image always reminds of the wonderful times I had on that trip and also about the hard thinking I did during that time. Here’s to a new me! and a new beginning!