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“They don’t know that we know that they know.” – Phoebe I was watching re-runs of the famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S series, It always gets the giggles out of me, It’s my refuge when the days are long and gloomy. Phoebe was right.. they don’t know that we know that they know.. friendship is something like this. Confusing at times and enjoyable the next. Over the years, I have realised a few truths about friends: “Idiosyncrasies” we all have them, and tolerating them amongst friends is what makes it tick and work. It has taken me a long time to actually come to terms that no second person is going to be exactly like me. Everyone has their stupid annoying habits , but that’s what makes them different and interesting. I have a diverse circle of friends, different cultural and religious backgrounds, They have certain food choices, fashion choices and have different personality types.  And we all have to get along, I need to deal with it .. laugh, joke and get on with it. Move on: …

Being “Fashion-able”

Love our industry…I love what we do…Our unapolegetically changing moods…. I love how Anti-fashion is no one is exempted from the chain no matter how unfashionable they may claim to be. I love that because of the likes of us, Cerulean, Cobalt and Prussian suffer from no identity crisis. I love how the word season will always mean something slightly different for us. I love that a Galliano and a Calvin Klein can co-exist so…umm..fashionably?? …and while we’re talking Galliano, I’m on his side, the poor genius!!! I love that we know and create now, for another person, on another side of the planet, what he does not know he will want in 2 years. I love what we stand for and that we needn’t. I love our depth and our shallowness and that we can flit from one to the other as we please…. our kisses in the air and our hunger to leave the world a little more chic than we found it. Ah well!!!… Whats not to love??? Here’s to us!!!! …

Welcome 33rd year!

Welcome to the 33rd year of a new begining! “This is My Jesus year”.  I am officially the same age “33” as when Jesus died. Not really, My birthday is not until a few weeks, But I have been self analysing myself , as a woman, as a designer and as a human being. The image posted is when I was on vacation earlier this year, a solo trip – sans my husband. This image always reminds of the wonderful times I had on that trip and also about the hard thinking I did during that time. Here’s to a new me! and a new beginning!