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Sweet & Sour Goodness @white mojo

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I’m a foodie, Love my food. Take my food very seriously. Packed with a punch and intricacy of texture and play of flavour. Subtle yet bold. That’s how I like my food.

Going by the Melbourne tradition of being a serious brunch person on weekends. I took it upon myself to take a trip into the city on a Sunday. Armed with my trusted camera and responsible chaperone Marcus, we walked into the lovely but bustling little café White Mojo Speciality Coffee & Roaster. The name of the restaurant doesn’t sound very appealing when you compare it to the many intriguingly named dime or dozen cafés across Melbourne. One thing for sure Melbourne can serve a pretty good spread when it comes to brunch with ingeniously creative menu items besides all time favourite Avo on toast or poached eggs.

The White Modo has a very pedestrian feel to it when it comes to its ambience and interiors. If you’re coming for ambience, this isn’t the place, situated on the food street of Melbourne – Hardware Lane. The very clinical white tiled walls of this café boost an interesting menu. Surprisingly enough they have an Eton Mess. A breakfast menu comprising of lots of dessert-sounding dishes such as sweet and sour pancakes with sorbet .. Hot and orange cakes with marshmallows ( yummy). Personally coming from the Asian sub-continent, I prefer savoury over sweet and since moving to Melbourne have always struggled. I don’t eat eggs ..hence my options for breakfast always comes down to two things either Avo or toast or a focaccia which I don’t technically term as a breakfast item.

Sceptically I ordered the sweet and sour waffles .. And glad I did. It was an absolute treat to the senses. With flavours balanced perfectly, the tartness, the crunch and the moistness. Texture and taste were going hand in hand. Indeed an excellent looking dish as well. Kudos to the chef for bringing to life a great summer dish to the menu. Marcus who ordered the smashed pumpkin looked very pleased with his hearty spread on crisp bread, a dollop of pumpkin topped with goat’s cheese and dukkah. I thought the addition of dukkah made the dish a tad bit interesting.

All in all a very good meal, a bit let down on the service. But who complains when you get served ice cream for breakfast.

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